A SITE lovemaking always require updates from time to time. In addition to trying various new positions, various support elements such as chocolate and fruit can make the bed more enjoyable action.

Confused how to satisfy a partner in bed? Just give incredible sexual services ranging from foreplay to the final round.

If you’d like a bit of fun, you can make the creation of a sweet tooth for more hot sex action. What are these sweets? Following his presentation of Askdananjennifer.

Candy necklace

There’s so much fun and you can do with candy necklaces, ranging from less benign and sensual to the truly wild. Begin to slowly put the necklace on the couple, and each bite of candy necklaces each. This is a good way for you to steal a little kiss on the neck of the him, then gives a sensual kiss on the lips.

For things that are more extreme, make a candy necklace coiled around his penis, and godalah him by eating the candy one by one. While doing this, should you need to be careful not to bite the skin in sensitive areas.

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate is always a good element to deliver couple mood. Because chocolate is a very strong sexual aphrodisiac.

Alluring pair with chocolate sauce spread on her lips, then kissed her on while sucking chocolate sauce would be a very exciting activity.

To be even more tempestuous, coat chocolate sauce over the breasts and nipples and continued toward the genital. Allow yourself to follow in the footsteps sauce that covered them from chin to her inner thighs, and pause to give oral sex couples.

Do not forget to provide a glass of water near the bed to rinse the mouth before you go down to the part of Miss V. Bercecer sugar and stuck to Miss V would interfere with the pH in the vagina and cause an infection in it.


Do not underestimate the candy on this one, because the mint will refresh you before kissing with your partner and surprise the he through ekstrapanjang sensual kiss.

To provide more sensation, give him a blow job with some candy in the mouth. He would be rolling over in bed. Not only touches the mouth that makes it funny, but the sensation of movement of candy in your mouth will stimulate the sensitive points.


With a little creativity, you can create a bra, panties or clothing that could be eaten. To activate the passion, put some fruit in the panty section and show the best creative with items that are full of fruit.

Then offer her to lick one or two tucked in between. This is the best way to ignite passionate man.

You can wrap a few pieces and put it around the penis before giving a blow job. You can bite and treat his penis while enjoying the fruits gently tucked in between.

Pop rock candy

Using a little candy great for oral sex is very enjoyable. Before you do a blow job, put a handful of Pop Rocks in your mouth and wait a moment.

When the candy begins to appear, grab your partner’s penis and put in the mouth a few moments to give a blast on the genitals. This will make a the he felt wild. Men also can use the Pop Rocks to satisfy their partner.

But they must be careful that the candy does not enter into the Miss V. If you want to try, put Pop Rocks on her clit. Then hold the candy with your tongue, and do the motion like eruptions on giving it to stimulate its point that the most sensitive.