ORGASM is one of the most extraordinary thing that ever felt. However, compared to men, generally weaker sex more often have an orgasm sustainable (multiorgasme). So, how does that men can do it?

Many men are not aware of ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things. It may be caused in many cases, people tend to do both simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish so you can experience ejaculation and orgasm continues.

“Actually, orgasms in men can also occur, but not as often as women. That is generally followed in the male orgasm ejaculation,” said Dr. Anita Gunawan MS, SpAnd androlog of Pertamina Hospital to the Legal.

According to him, men generally have to wait a while before they can start having sex. Because when they have reached ejaculation, then his penis will limp.

This condition is called the period of the receptor. While women do not experience it, so that sexual intercourse can still go back and experience multiorgasme.

“Period of the receptor that is a condition where the penis can not be stimulated anymore, but it takes different. In this situation felt very short until the applicant could not distinguish them, so they can have sex again,” said UB’s School of Medicine alumni, Malang it.

Before you can begin to enjoy the orgasm continues, the need to understand the experience of sensation in right before reaching the ejaculation, so you can learn to control it.

“In order for men to experience orgasm continues, then do a gradual erection. After that excitatory again, in order to orgasm,” said the woman who completed a Master of Andrology, University of Airlangga, Surabaya.

Orgasm, he added, is a feeling that involves physical and psychological satisfaction (mental satisfaction). To obtain these conditions in a sustainable manner, then the training required by the person concerned.

One way that can be done to achieve multiorgasme is, when you feel as if starting to ejaculate, and stop all stimulation, then relax your muscles is your sexual organs. When your muscles relax, concentrate your PC muscle is one or two minutes before having sex again. Easy right?